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Who left Saturday Night Live?

Bad news people! Four actors left Saturday Night Live show yesterday: Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis and Seth Meyers. Media says that SNL must reniew, but I'm very sad because of that.
A little bit information about actors who left.
Bill Hader - 8 years at SNL. Created many funny characters, including my favourite Stefano (gay tourist ,,guide" who always recommend horible and funny New York clubs). I will miss him so much!
Fred Armisen - 11 years at SNL. Very professional actor.
Jason Sudeikis - 10 years at SNL. The best Mitt Romney imitator! :D
Seth Meyers - 12 years at SNL. He is best know for his appearence in "Weekend Update". After this he will replace Jimmy Fallon at "Late night show". Fun fact, before "Late night show" Jimmy Fallon was on SNL and took main role in "Weekend Update" too.

Saturday Night Live  - is an American comedy TV show, which is live performed in New York. It is long-running show for 38 years with 704 episodes and this fall will be its 39 season. There is guest star and music performer/band in every episode. This show also raised many famous comedians such as:  Robert Downey Jr., Adam Sandler, Will Ferrel, Jimmy Fallon, Eddie Murphy, Joan Cusack, Conan O'Brien, Larry David, Chris Rock and many others.
Most actors says, that SNL its not just a job, all crew is like a big family. Actors do not just act, they also write scripts, thinks about new ways and ideas. Long hours after work time is necessary.

The question is: who will be replacement for these great actors?
Although, I'm still sad about these changes... Well...

Keep it Geek! B)

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